Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year

Another year has come and gone.  What a year it has been.  This year has been full of changes and adventures.  I did a fair amount of traveling throughout the year.  In March, I traveled with my college choir to sing in the Big Apple.  While there, we shopped until we dropped, took millions of pictures sight singing, and saw three Broadway shows!  What a trip.  In June, my brother and I traveled with our cousin to San Francisco to visit her sister.  I could write an entire series of posts on that amazing adventure, but I'll leave that for another day.  Our trip was full of sight seeing, catching up, and plenty of eating!  We then took a small vacation to the beach and before I knew it, my sophomore year of college began.  

The fall semester flew by as I was involved with school, chorale, church, and a local musical.  I believe I finally came to understand the saying "stretching yourself too thin."  This being said, I maintained strong relationships with my friends and family, while keeping my grades up as well.  I was a crazy semester (as you can tell from my lack of blogging) but I have absolutely no regrets.  Through the play, I was able to rekindle old friendships and form many new.

In September, I decided to take control of my health in regards to weight.  I had been attending Zumba classes for over a year, but to no real avail in terms of weight loss.  Sure, I was physically feeling better by exercising regularly, but I was seeing no changes to appearance.  I finally joined Weight Watchers and couldn't be more happy.  Since the middle of September, I have successful lost 25 pounds, simply by watching what I eat.  The most valuable thing I've learned from joining this program is portion control and smart choices.  My goal is to lose 15 more.  All in good time.

I pray that your life be blessed in the New Year.  Take/make time to visit with friends and family.  Love everyone.  Most importantly, take care of yourself.  Best wishes!