Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to the Grind

I survived my first week back! (well, almost - one more day, but I finish at lunch!)  The early mornings have been brutal, and parking has been horrendous, but other than those types of things, it has been an all-around wonderful first week.  Catching up with all of my friends, especially Chorale family has been wonderful.

Tonight was our first full rehearsal for "Seussical" and boy am I pooped.  They say that is a sign of a wonderful rehearsal - means that we worked hard.  The music in this show is absolutely wonderful, but challenging all the same.  The tenor part is extremely high, but certainly a good work out for the vocal chords - like I don't get enough of that at school, haha!  These notes do come out a bit more easily since we are performing at a half-belt.  Like I said though, I came home physically and vocally exhausted.  My friend Jodie, brought to my attention the wonders of Organic Throat Coat tea.  I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about this product, as I have not been much of a hot tea drinker in the past.  Boy was I wrong.  This stuff is amazing!  Totally soothes the voice and helps me relax after a long rehearsal.

Once again, I've written another short and random post.  Try this tea though!  It really does work.  More about my first week later.  Time for bed.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

What a day...

Forward:  This post may not technically be submitted until Sunday, but it is written in the mindset of Saturday night.  Keep that in mind.

Today I suffered from a bit of a blow to the ego.  A local theater is in the process of producing what you might call a "reunion show" of Broadway hit show, Seussical the Musical.  I had the opportunity to perform in this show 8 years ago, and played the part of a wee little who down in Whoville.  I was thrilled when I heard about auditions about a month ago.  I contemplated not even auditioning with school and all, but decided that I would regret not being a part of this show yet once again.

Auditions were held Monday night and they went well.  Nothing particularly out of the ordinary happened.  I saw a lot of faces that I knew from past shows, but many knew faces were also auditioning.  It's funny how roles change as you get older.  As a child, we always made fun of the old "has-was" actors and actresses that came back as adults to be in these shows, and my-oh-my how the tables have turned.  I soon realized I am now the old "has-was" that I always made fun of!  The director even referred to us as the "old veterans" throughout auditions!  After auditions were finished Monday evening, the director asked us if we could come back for a second night of auditions so they could hear each of us once again.  Ok, everyone, thought.  We'll see you tomorrow!

The next night, we returned to the theater and went about our routine auditions, but they were taken to the next level.  We sang higher songs, read longer passages, and danced faster jigs.  I don't want to toot my own horn, but I rocked the vocals.  I successfully sang two octaves worth of notes (low F - high F) - which is a larger range than many professionals have.  The judges were very impressed.  Oh, my - I'm getting a bit long winded.  I'll start getting to the point...

Anyway, the cast list was posted today, and I was quite disappointed that I did not get a lead.......but I should be grateful and blessed to even be in this show - surrounded by such talent!  It took me a while to realize that.  I talked to my dear friend, Jodie, who will be starring as Mayzie la Bird, over the phone today, and she really provided me with great advice, wisdom, and insight.  For that I am truly grateful!

My point for sharing this with you, is that sometimes we have a ho-hum, very bad day.  That's part of life.  But, it makes us even more thankful for the wonderful days.  We often take the good days for granted.  I spent a wonderful evening surrounded by friends and family, which very much helped turn my bad day around.  Even though I very much wanted a lead in this show, I finally realized that maybe this is a sign.  A sign that I truly do not have time to be a lead.  After all, I am a full time student, which is a major job within itself.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Be thankful for your friends and family, and count your blessings each day - good or bad.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Lots to do...

You'll have to excuse my lack of blogging for the next few weeks.  As the start of school is rapidly approaching, I have a million things to do this week.  My first full day of classes this semester begins next Monday morning, bright and early at 8:15.  This may just kill me.  Anyway, I have fun things planned for the future, so I will keep you posted.

For now, here's some food for thought:

"Great minds discuss ideas.  
Average minds discuss events.  
Small minds discuss people."

- Eleanor Roosevelt


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this past weekend, we got the heck out of dodge for one last weekend getaway before we head our separate ways for the semester.  My best friend, Morgan, and her Mom, Karen, headed out Friday evening to visit long-time friends - The Menz family.  What a wonderful time we had!

The weekend was totally relaxing.  The accommodations were incredible!  We enjoyed 5 star cuisine at every meal prepared by Master Chef, Melinda.  The crowd humored me as we braved the torrential downpour/thunderstorm to go shopping at my favorite clothing outlet, Vineyard Vines.  I walked away with with an orange polo to wear to football games, a new pair of swim trunks, and a free belt to top it all off!  Totally worth braving the weather.

It was absolutely wonderful just sitting around and catching up.  I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!  Here are a few pictures to entertain you.

Thank you, Menz family, for having us once again!  See you soon!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kickin' Chicken

Today has been an odd day to say the least.

My morning started out fairly routinely with my morning bowl of Special K.  I was a bit sluggish, but to no surprise as I'm by no means your typical "morning person."  Things began to change quickly after I headed off to work with my father for the day.

As we were working, I noticed a little girl playing next door.  Her actions seemed, well, a little odd.  Then I realized she was playing with a chicken.  Yes, a chicken.  She would chase this ugly bird all over the yard.  She would continue to scoop up the chicken and put it on her head.  Yes, her head.  I have to admit that this served as my entertainment for a solid ten minutes.

I thought the actions of the child to be a bit strange, but after thinking about the region in which we live, I came to the conclusion that it was not so odd after all.  Dad and I continued to work.  Next thing I know, the child was standing beside me with.....BAHHHH....the chicken in my face!!!  Talk about jumping out of your skin - the combination of being startled and having a chicken shoved in your face.  The small girl continued to ask me if I would like to hold her pet chicken.  "Uh, no thank you!" I replied, "Not really my cup of tea."

Then I got a call from a local elementary school asking if I could "babysit" during their parent night this evening.  Sure, I think - this would be good experience for the future.  All I can say is 33 children crammed in one tiny Art room.

Moral of the story:  It's amazing what you will let children do to you simply so they will be entertained.

At one point, I was trying to feed one child his dinner, while comforting three screaming children, one of which is on top of my head, another biting my ankles, and one begging for a piggy-back ride.  Some may call me crazy, but I still long to be an elementary teacher.  I will be going back for parent night round 2 on Thursday.  Wish me luck!

That's all for now...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Batten Down the Hatches!

The media and community are currently buzzing about a possible storm we may or may not endure tomorrow in our region.  All I can say is, we will see. 

Tomorrow, I'm high-tailing it out of this small town for one last weekend getaway of the summer!  I will be traveling with my best friend, Morgan, and her mom Karen to visit the wonderful Menz family.  I can't wait to catch up, especially on all of the things that have happened during our first year of college.  I'll tell you all about it when I get back.

Remember yesterday, when I said I was going to meet someone new?  Well, we had a wonderful lunch and I am so very thankful and blessed to have a new friend!  I can't wait to get to know him even better.

Sorry for such a random post.  I'm a bit scatter-brained tonight.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

The title says it all. 

Not much to say today, so here is a photo to entertain you.  As you may have noticed by my Instagram feed, ---->         I upload many photos of my "nephew".  Allow me to introduce you to Grayson, my wonderful friend/"sister's" baby boy.  I watch and take care of this awesome kid often!

Grayson and I (aka "Awkin") at his 2nd Birthday party!

Check out Heather's blog!

Happy Wednesday!


PS: I'm going to meet a new friend today.  I'm excited, but a little nervous as well.  Wish me luck!  

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Best Friends Day! (maybe?)

So, I keep seeing photos of best friends plastered all over Facebook and Instagram this evening.  After completing a bit of research, I have come to the conclusion the today is in fact, not National Best Friend Day.  But, that doesn't really matter.  Seeing all of these photos made me stop and think of how blessed I am to have such wonderful friends!  I decided to post a few photos myself!

"The Beach Gang"
front: Charlsie, Morgan, Jillian, Rhianna
back: Hyder, Jonathon, Brock, Austin

 Jordan, Austin, Sarah

top left: Austin, Margaret, Claire
top right: Morgan, Austin
bottom left: Austin, Heather
bottom right: Staci, Austin, Emily, Sophie

Although I am not able to upload photos with all of my friends (you would be looking at pictures for days!), know that you are in my heart today and always!


Monday, August 6, 2012

Who am I?

Finally, the wait is over!  I know you have all been waiting anxiously for the post about me haha!  Anyway, this post was inspired by a former Choir director that retired in the Spring.  On our last day of class, he came in and handed us each a small sheet of paper numbered one to three.  He went on to ask the simple question, "Who are you?"  He proceeded to explain that we were to privately answer this question on the sheet of paper, with one being the most important.  As I said, this exercise probably should be left private, but why hide characteristics that you are proud of - characteristics that help define you?

These three points help define who I am:
  1. Child of God
  2. Loving family member
  3. Trusted and supportive friend
Additionally, I'm a sophomore college student studying elementary education while minoring in music.  Teaching and singing are my passions, along with serving our Lord.  I am very involved with my church serving on the Christian Education committee, singing in the choir, and simply being present as often as I can.  My church family means the world to me.

For the longest time, I tried to hide my southern roots.  But I finally realized that I had absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.  Just because the media portrays us as hillbilly's does not mean that we live that way.  I cannot deny that some live that way, but the majority of southern people are charming and kind.  I am proud to call the South my home.

My "crazy" dream is to sing on Broadway.  Now, I'm not necessarily talking star of the show, but I would love to sub-lease a little apartment in Manhattan and sing in the chorus of a Broadway show for a summer.  Even though this dream may be "bat-poop crazy," I read somewhere that if you write you dreams down on paper (or blog in this instance), they are more likely to become a reality.  I love traveling and hope to have a house near the beach someday.  I will admit that I quite enjoy shopping!  Family and friends take priority in my life.  I love spending time with them!

Well, enough about me.  I won't lie - I could go on and on talking about myself, but I won't put you through that torture.  Here's a small taste of who I am.  More to come.  Thanks for reading!


Friday, August 3, 2012

Love One Another

Through actively participating in Passion City Church's Love 30/30 Challenge, I have become more aware of how I treat others, and how members of society treat each other.  I can honestly say this is not a post about recent Chick-fil-a statements but I would not only be naive, but I would be lying to say that recent events have not influenced this post.

As people started bashing each other publicly (especially on Facebook) on each others own personal beliefs, values, and opinions, I was deeply saddened.  These statements made evident the hatred that our world is filled with.

I had almost given up hope, to the point of contemplating the deletion of my Facebook account...until I read a status update made by friend Jodie Carter-Copeland. 

"I've remained quiet, but I'm going to say this: I love my friends and family, and each of you are a blessing in my life. I love you if you always agree with me on everything, and if you can never agree with me on anything. I love you if you're liberal, conservative, libertarian, a tea partier, or even if you don't give a hoot about politics. I love you if you're Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Agnostic, Atheist or really unsure right now. I love you if you're straight and I love you if you're gay. I love you if you're type A, type B, or type LMNOP. I love you if you're OCD or ADHD, if you're perfectly reasonable or if you're bat-poop crazy. The point is, I love you. All of you. And I am going to do my dead-level best to show more of that love to you and everyone else I meet."

I hope that you are inspired by these wonderful words!  I couldn't have said it any better myself!  I know I probably won't be able to change the views and opinions of those that feel strongly about these issues, but as a future teacher, we must work together to teach our children the importance of love.  Love for their family and friends.  Love for their classmates and teachers and future co-workers.  We must instill these values of love so that one day, they may live in a more peaceful world.  The concept is very simple - Love your neighbor as yourself.

Have a blessed day!