Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Best Friends Day! (maybe?)

So, I keep seeing photos of best friends plastered all over Facebook and Instagram this evening.  After completing a bit of research, I have come to the conclusion the today is in fact, not National Best Friend Day.  But, that doesn't really matter.  Seeing all of these photos made me stop and think of how blessed I am to have such wonderful friends!  I decided to post a few photos myself!

"The Beach Gang"
front: Charlsie, Morgan, Jillian, Rhianna
back: Hyder, Jonathon, Brock, Austin

 Jordan, Austin, Sarah

top left: Austin, Margaret, Claire
top right: Morgan, Austin
bottom left: Austin, Heather
bottom right: Staci, Austin, Emily, Sophie

Although I am not able to upload photos with all of my friends (you would be looking at pictures for days!), know that you are in my heart today and always!


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