Saturday, August 25, 2012

What a day...

Forward:  This post may not technically be submitted until Sunday, but it is written in the mindset of Saturday night.  Keep that in mind.

Today I suffered from a bit of a blow to the ego.  A local theater is in the process of producing what you might call a "reunion show" of Broadway hit show, Seussical the Musical.  I had the opportunity to perform in this show 8 years ago, and played the part of a wee little who down in Whoville.  I was thrilled when I heard about auditions about a month ago.  I contemplated not even auditioning with school and all, but decided that I would regret not being a part of this show yet once again.

Auditions were held Monday night and they went well.  Nothing particularly out of the ordinary happened.  I saw a lot of faces that I knew from past shows, but many knew faces were also auditioning.  It's funny how roles change as you get older.  As a child, we always made fun of the old "has-was" actors and actresses that came back as adults to be in these shows, and my-oh-my how the tables have turned.  I soon realized I am now the old "has-was" that I always made fun of!  The director even referred to us as the "old veterans" throughout auditions!  After auditions were finished Monday evening, the director asked us if we could come back for a second night of auditions so they could hear each of us once again.  Ok, everyone, thought.  We'll see you tomorrow!

The next night, we returned to the theater and went about our routine auditions, but they were taken to the next level.  We sang higher songs, read longer passages, and danced faster jigs.  I don't want to toot my own horn, but I rocked the vocals.  I successfully sang two octaves worth of notes (low F - high F) - which is a larger range than many professionals have.  The judges were very impressed.  Oh, my - I'm getting a bit long winded.  I'll start getting to the point...

Anyway, the cast list was posted today, and I was quite disappointed that I did not get a lead.......but I should be grateful and blessed to even be in this show - surrounded by such talent!  It took me a while to realize that.  I talked to my dear friend, Jodie, who will be starring as Mayzie la Bird, over the phone today, and she really provided me with great advice, wisdom, and insight.  For that I am truly grateful!

My point for sharing this with you, is that sometimes we have a ho-hum, very bad day.  That's part of life.  But, it makes us even more thankful for the wonderful days.  We often take the good days for granted.  I spent a wonderful evening surrounded by friends and family, which very much helped turn my bad day around.  Even though I very much wanted a lead in this show, I finally realized that maybe this is a sign.  A sign that I truly do not have time to be a lead.  After all, I am a full time student, which is a major job within itself.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Be thankful for your friends and family, and count your blessings each day - good or bad.


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