Friday, August 3, 2012

Love One Another

Through actively participating in Passion City Church's Love 30/30 Challenge, I have become more aware of how I treat others, and how members of society treat each other.  I can honestly say this is not a post about recent Chick-fil-a statements but I would not only be naive, but I would be lying to say that recent events have not influenced this post.

As people started bashing each other publicly (especially on Facebook) on each others own personal beliefs, values, and opinions, I was deeply saddened.  These statements made evident the hatred that our world is filled with.

I had almost given up hope, to the point of contemplating the deletion of my Facebook account...until I read a status update made by friend Jodie Carter-Copeland. 

"I've remained quiet, but I'm going to say this: I love my friends and family, and each of you are a blessing in my life. I love you if you always agree with me on everything, and if you can never agree with me on anything. I love you if you're liberal, conservative, libertarian, a tea partier, or even if you don't give a hoot about politics. I love you if you're Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Agnostic, Atheist or really unsure right now. I love you if you're straight and I love you if you're gay. I love you if you're type A, type B, or type LMNOP. I love you if you're OCD or ADHD, if you're perfectly reasonable or if you're bat-poop crazy. The point is, I love you. All of you. And I am going to do my dead-level best to show more of that love to you and everyone else I meet."

I hope that you are inspired by these wonderful words!  I couldn't have said it any better myself!  I know I probably won't be able to change the views and opinions of those that feel strongly about these issues, but as a future teacher, we must work together to teach our children the importance of love.  Love for their family and friends.  Love for their classmates and teachers and future co-workers.  We must instill these values of love so that one day, they may live in a more peaceful world.  The concept is very simple - Love your neighbor as yourself.

Have a blessed day!

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