Sunday, July 8, 2012


After being an avid blog reader for quite some time now, I have decided to give the whole blog writing thing a whirl.  Just last night, I created a Tumblr account.  I decided that I would probably learn more and be more apt to keep a more - I guess, "professional" blog, up to date.  This being said, I may not be religious about posting, especially in the beginning.  I'm certain that it will take me a while to get the blog looking exactly like I want it...

I knew this would be the trouble.  I had everything I wanted to say in my opening spill planned out, but as soon as I sat down to my MacBook, the words left me.  How do you know what to write?  Everyone makes it look so easy.  I guess this is a learning process just like everything else.  First of all, I certainly welcome feedback.  If I’m posting too much, tell me.  If I don’t post enough, I want to know.

My goal in beginning this blog is not having a particular theme.  Why should we restrict ourselves to one thing when we are complex human beings?  Of course, I will mainly be posting things that interest me - what inspires me, but I hope to inspire others through this blog.  I plan on using this blog write about what’s on my mind whether it be social, political, or religious issues, etc.,…the list goes on and on.  I aim to offend no one.  If you are offended by a topic that I discuss, feel free to move on to the next blog, but I encourage your comments.

Like the title says, I live on the corner of 3010 and nowhere…I’m just a good ole southern boy trying to figure out the meaning of life and simply survive living in this crazy but wonderful world.  More about me later.


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