Monday, September 3, 2012


As you may have already guessed, Passion City Church's #Love3030 Challenge came to a close a few weeks ago on August 22.  I've been meaning to comment on this challenge since the end date, but times has been slipping away lately.

This 30 day journey helped me stop and reflect on God's unconditional love each and every day.  I feel that His love is something we often take for granted.  Additionally, over time, we assume that our friends, family, and loved ones know that we love them.  This statement is true, but we need to remind those in our lives that we love them on a daily basis.  I promise you - they will never tire of hearing it.

For those of you that we unable to participate in this challenge, I challenge you to stop and reflect on this list of 30 Bible verses, that share God's love, for the next 30 days.  One verse a day - not too much to ask.  And if you really want to take it to the next level, remind someone each day that you love them.  You can do this through a text message, phone call, or even in person.  You will get more out of this than you would ever imagine!

Spread God's love today and always!  Have a blessed week!


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